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Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken Long Way Down - Jason Reynolds When I Was the Greatest - Jason Reynolds, Michael Frost

      Currently, I am reading Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken. This is the second book in The Darkest Minds series. This book is about how girl named Ruby has a disease that almost killed her and killed most of America's children. She now has to track down a boy named Liam, who holds something that is very important, but to do that, she must break free from the Children's League, which is a very hard task in itself. While reading the first book, I predicted that Liam would be the one who stole the flash drive with all of the crucial disease information, so therefore, my prediction was correct. I also predict that in the second book, Ruby will come out on top and get the flash drive back. 

      My partner for this project was Maddie and we both read books by Jason Reynolds. She read the book When I Was the Greatest and I read Long Way Down. In these books, there were many clear connections to Reynolds's life and some similarities between the plot of each book. In both books, Jason Reynolds wrote about kids of color who didn't grow up in the best or safest neighborhood. This aspect of the novels was drawn from his own life because he felt that when he was growing up, he never saw himself as the character in a book. This was also part of his inspiration, to write books that had characters that looked different so that every child could see them self in a book. In my book, Will's brother was murdered and in Maddie's book, there were ideas that showed the neighborhood wasn't very safe, like town curfews and constant police patrol. This allows readers to draw a connection that he wanted his readers to realize that he didn't come from the best neighborhood, but he still did wonderful and admirable things with his life.

     There are many ways to find new books on the Booklikes website. One of those ways is by going to your dashboard and then clicking on the tab that says book catalog. By clicking on this, you can search for books based on genre. By using this method, I found other books that Alexandra Bracken has written, such as Passenger.